How to increase Facebook likes?


The number of users of social networks increases every year. Buying likes for facebook page. This is due to the fact that using these sites you can not only communicate and get acquainted, but also get knowledge, earn money and become more popular. Some people choose several social networks at once, while others focus on just one.  Facebook is one of the most popular social networks.networks in the world. Therefore, it is very profitable to promote your account here. This is a good service to cheat likes on Facebook – Basslick.

What are Facebook likes and what are they for? Flipping through the news feed, you can see how many authors ask to put a like. This button looks like a thumbs up and means «I like». When a person puts a like, they Express support, agreement, or sympathy. You can like individual photos, videos, or posts on Facebook.

The more likes, the more popular the post. Facebook likes are needed not only to evaluate content, but also for the social network algorithm to record user activity.  This is necessary to understand which material is interesting to the public, and which is not. Therefore, all bloggers want to get likes on Facebook for free, thereby ensuring the development of their account or public pages.

Not all users are willing to invest in account development. If you are interested in how to get likes on Facebook for free, you can use this service on the site You need to perform tasks for other users and get points for it. Points are used to generate likes, comments, reposts, and subscribers. Points are a virtual currency on the service. With the help of glasses, you can promote your account not only on Facebook, but also in Instagam, Odnoklassniki, Vkontakte, and Youtube.

In order for Facebook likes to start working, you need to create a personal account on the site. It won’t take long. Create a password and enter your email address. You will receive an email confirming your registration.

Go to the «task Exchange» section. Different tasks are available in the task feed: put a class, make a repost, subscribe to a channel, and so on. tasks from several social networks Will be available at once. To earn points faster, you need to connect several accounts. Each task is evaluated differently. Writing a comment can cost 10 points, subscribing to a channel-9, like-7.there are a lot of Tasks, so you can earn the necessary number of points in a few hours. Tasks must be completed in accordance with the description. If the instructions indicate to put a like, then you need to click on the link and put a like. If you need a comment or repost – you need to meet the requirements. The system automatically checks whether you completed the task well. If the conditions are not met, the points will not be credited to your balance.