Features of SMS provider API from IntisTele


SMS APIs were used by companies of various sizes for many years. Mainly sms service provider api is used to transfer important business information and marketing information to customers around the world.

How is it possible that one type of technology was used for so long? Well, there are many reasons why companies like it.

The largest argument in favor of SMS is accessibility. One message will cost from 1 to 7 cents depending on the region and the volume you send. If your monthly volume is larger, your price per SMS will be significantly reduced. Thus, it provides a greater return on your investment.

How many people use the services.

Secondly, 5.1 billion people use mobile phones, making SMS more reliable and more widely used than communication applications that require Internet connection.

This leads to a high probability of achieving any client anywhere and at any time. Can you name one communication channel with a wider coverage? We definitely cannot think about anything.

Such coverage would be useless if no one read the posts. SMS boasts a colossal speed of opening 98%, so people will not only receive a message, but also with a high probability will read it.

Moreover, 90% of SMS messages are read within 3 minutes from the date of delivery. This creates the ability to send transaction messages and service updates (1.for example, 2. fault information), as they occur, limiting the number of requests for support service and increasing customer retention.

Using a one-time password, passwords with a short limited period or a 2FA solution, you can use SMS to check the client and its phone number.

It can help prevent fraud. It also complicates any attacker to commit fraudulent actions without accessing human telephone, as well as his personal information and passwords. It can also prevent remote capture of the device by an attacker, since it will need access to the device used for 2FA.

Financial services are among the most frequent users of this type of data processing to combat fraud. Loans, remittances and banking require a high degree of confidence in the legality of a person conducting a transaction. Most often messages are used to accept or refuse loan, confirmation of transactions and reminding the payment.